Dive In, Lend a Fin with Splash and Bubbles

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    Dive into the incredible world of ocean exploration in this early childhood STEM-based exhibit, based on the Jim Henson Company and Herschend Entertainment Studios PBS Kids TV series Splash and Bubbles. Join Splash, Bubbles and the Reeftown Rangers to explore marine biology, ocean science and different ocean ecosystems. Learn how even small actions can create a big ripple to help protect our One Big Ocean.

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    Dive In, Lend a Fin with Splash and Bubbles is generously made possible thanks to generous support from Tim and Elizabeth Swank, Anna and Jim McKelvey and the Graybar Foundation


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    Along with their favorite fish Splash, a yellowback fusilier, and Bubbles, a mandarin dragonet, children discover a whole new world in this new exhibit making its debut at The Magic House!

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    Kelp Forest

    In the Kelp Forest, children will navigate an under-the-sea maze along the ocean floor. As they navigate from one side of the algae forest to the other, they will be encouraged to help keep the Kelp Forest clean and to collect green and red algae and sea stars along their journey.

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    Reeftown Rangers Clubhouse

    Children will explore a sunken ship and learn about the differences between real and artificial reefs.  Plus, they will complete a treasure hunt and explore a revolving globe to understand how all oceans are interconnected.

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    Flo’s School of Fish

    Children will learn fun fish facts from Flo, the show’s resident ‘teacher’. Students in Flo’s School of Fish will explore a variety of sea creatures, from sharks to sea urchins and learn ways to identify mysterious ocean animals.

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    The Deep, Dark Theater

    Visitors enter a space surrounded by glowing sea creatures as they learn about bioluminescence and the 90% of the animals that have this ability to glow in The Deep.

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    Children become Reeftown Rangers as they take a pledge to protect the ocean! The newly appointed rangers will then explore the Reeftown Obstacle Course and discover various sea creatures along the way.